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The 5 Qualities of an ELITE Leader

An elite leader can be defined as a leader that has through learning and effort developed their leadership abilities and qualities to a superior level. They are often viewed as the "best of the best" among today's leaders.

Here are 5 abilities and/or qualities that make an elite leader:

  • E - Excellence   Elite leaders exhibit qualities of being outstanding in their leadership skills. They are mindful that “everything communicates something.”
  • L - Life-long learner   Elite leaders are never satisfied with where they are in their growth and personal development. They never stop learning, and as a result, they never stop growing.
  • I - Inspiring   Elite leaders set the standard for leadership and lead the way for other leaders. They are often seen as “Leaders of leaders.”
  • T - Thoughtful   Elite leaders are always looking for ways to add value to others. They operate from the mindset of “How can I help you?”
  • E - Encouraging   Elite leaders demonstrate the ability to give others support and confidence. They are positive in their example and look for ways to give hope to others for their future success.

Do you find any of these qualities in your leadership skill set lacking? Which ones do you think need some attention to raise your current leadership to the level of an elite leader?

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